Based out of Singapore our strength is in our diversity! We come from different walks of life, some of us are married with children, while some are not, some of us have been friends since our school days, and some we’ve got to know along our journey in creating KNOD. Some of us have worked with financial markets while others have lead tech companies, some are marketeers and then some are teachers, there are introverts, extroverts and some who belong to both.

We are all drawn to do something that truly matters, to create something that changes the world for the better,to make a positive impact in people’s lives, to give that nod in the right direction, and to open the mind to countless opportunities.

We have all watched and heard the greats of our time, on how they changed the world.

We want to make our mark, we believe in technology for change.

We are determined and resolute in pursuing this dream, for we are KNOD!